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Technologies and Protocols

Dentist Chairs




New Technologies

  1. Air scrubbing systems – use UV, Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide to kill bacteria and viruses in office air and on surfaces.

  2. HEPA air filters built in – filter 99.97% of viruses and bacteria to 0.3 nanometers.

  3. Customized suction units, not available on-line,  which have tubes that come near the patient, to evacuate anything that escapes the patients mouth.  Clearing the air every 8 seconds! Much more powerful than anything commercially available for dentistry.  This also serves to provide negative pressure in the operatory.

  4. Ozonated and Hypochlorous water – safe for human use while killing the virus, used in Europe in place of Chlorine in water.  This will be used to disinfect every inch of the operatory between patients; even more effective than standard dental wipes.  This will also be used in other applications in the office as well.

  5. Door buzzer – to limit the number of people inside the office.

  6. 24 hour remote air monitoring to make sure our systems are always working at peak efficiancy.

  7. Clear Barriers in waiting room and reception.



New Protocols

  1. No toys or books allowed in waiting room.  No beverages supplied to patients due to risk.

  2. All paperwork and no touch payments available on-line, to minimize interaction.

  3. Patient requests regarding masking ALWAYS honored.


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